More about the Ceph Care Book, now released

Page 143......Jessica took at the Aquarium and I enhanced it in elements!!!! I promised her I would let you all know this is her photo and she did get the cash from TFH! Both of us were screaming as we looked at our pics and the others!!!! 11 years old and her first publishing!!!!! I wish I had thought to tell so her name could have been included but she was thrilled as it was!!!!
Oh thats a shame her name wasnt on the list of photographers.

I really hope all you guys like the book and that it really could not have been done without all of your help
I think it the perfect hobbyist's book, straight and to the point...wonderful job by all of you !
Arrived today

:party: :notworthy:

Wish we had an "applause" smiley... I'll have to add that to my to-do list...
Just got my copy! Haven't had a chance to read it all yet, but it looks great! Thanks again for using some of my pictures!

Pretty scary stuff on page 193 though!!!

Congratulations guys! Ill make sure to suggest this book to everyone!
It's fun to have each of you chime in when you get your copy of the book! And this should continue for some time - I don't know when people outside the US (such as Colin, Phil, and Kat) will get their copies.

Paradox, your photos add a lot to our book! Thanks to you and the others who shared their photos.

Oh, yes - anybody have the courage to do an Amazon book review yet ?(and reviews can be quite short) The place to click is a few lines down from the book title, and you have promise that you're over 13 years old :smile:

Only half way through and will wait until tomorrow AM (voting before work) to start again so I will have something enjoyable to do while standing in line to be counted :roll:

I also got the book on raising your own food that you mentioned today so I have lots of entertaining reading to do this this week. I promise to write a review on the first and let you know what I think (I have no experience in food raising so my opinion is not learned on the second book and it will be awhile before I can attempt anything I learn).

One of the esthetic things I really like about "the" book (other than all the pictures and enjoying guessing their originators) is the type style. It is not the huge stuff for seniors that really is not easily read but is a nice clear type of decent size. Even at only half way through, it is more informative than the dozens of books we have bought over the years on keeping one critter or another.
It's so nice to hear that you are finding the book useful and full of information. That was certainly the goal.

We were glad to have TFH as our publisher because of the good design and quality of their previous books. You're right about the typeface - it's clear and easy to read.

Maybe you're not that far along in reading, but has no one noticed the caption on Steve's photo on p. 219 (provided by Kat)? Steve hasn't seen it yet, either.

Yes, that was my favourite caption for all the pictures LOL

Glad the book is going down well :)

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