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Mixing small octos with fish


Blue Ring
Aug 21, 2004
Whe I Ordered my octo I couldn't resist in getting a couple damsels that were on sale. My octo came in quite small and although she is growing the damsel in the tank likes to bother her around feeding time.
I guess she started it by feeding him the food she didn't want but now every time I feed the octo the damsel expects a bite. It is anoying to the octo and to me also. I can't wait till she gets big enough to have him over for lunch!!! :twisted:

Damsels can bother small octos quite a bit - be careful that they're not going for her eyes. That's why we don't recommend keeping them together.

I kept 2 damsels in with my Blue ring years ago but she was larger than my new octo. She did eventualy eat them but she never alowed them to bother her. I learned my lesson on this one. The damsel is not picking at her but gets too close when she is feeding, and gets her upset. Ripley is growing pretty fast so I don't think it will last long.

Same situation with my octopus more or less. These days the damsels do not bother the octopus at all, though. They both hide in rockwork of the tank most of the time, and while every once in a while they will flap their tails at the octopus, this is becoming very rare.

What is more common is when I feed small sized shrimp (brine, mysis, etc) for the damsels / octo, the octo will eat some of the small shrimp and kind of get the 'taste of blood' and start going berserk hunting. During this phase it is very common to see him with his arms completely stretched out chasing the damsels.

It reminds me of pacman when pacman eats a power pill.

Robert :cyclops:

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