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minimum light requirements for Live Rock in an Octo tank

Aug 10, 2006
I'm getting rid of my stinkin UGF and want to put around 20lb of Live Rock in my 30g tank for the beneficial bacteria. Would the flourescent bulb that came with the hood be enough to keep the live rock...alive? I know the octopus would probably prefer no light which why I ask.

I kept live rock with the standered lights (like ..12watts) But I realy began to see a LOT more color when I added a new light system (35more watts) the live rock realy florished.

Technically, I believe that denitrating bacteria works better in darkness with no light at all. Most live rock is cured for weeks in darkness or low light to minimize algae growth during all the nitrate spikes, while maintaining the bacteria. The inverts and algae will do much better with better lighting, but that is just aesthetic, unless you have enough algae to export the nitrates and regularly trim them back.

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