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>.< Microbubbles!

Dec 16, 2005
Laie, Hawaii
My Remora Pro skimmer is producing lots of microbubbles. Does anyone know how to ruduce these? I know they are bad for octopuses so I don't want them to be there when I put mine in (still a couple months away). The skimmer has been running for a month so the "break-in" period should be finished by now. Also ( dumb question :oops: )does anyone know whether the pump intake should go directly under the skimmer output or to the side? Would the surface skimmer attachment reduce microbubbles?

Also every once in a while my Fluval 405 will shoot out a jet of microbubbles.

Please help if you have any suggestions.

Thanks :smile:

Is the intake to the Fluval close to the exit point of your bubbling skimmer or an air stone? It is likely that you are sucking air into the Fluval. Adding a sponge to the Fluval intake should help and adding a sponge to or before the exit point of your skimmer likewise.
This is something that has interested me for awhile. Rearing bimacs, we find that the juveniles in small containers actually so better and suffer less mortality if we bubble each container. I wonder if there are species differences with respect to the ability to tolerate bubbles. A shallow reef flat or tidepool species such as O. bocki, O. cyanea or O. rubescens must experience loads of bubbles in the surf zone where deeper water species probably never do.

That's really interesting Roy, none of ours tolerate any bubbles at all, in fact we had to remove the airlifts from our P. cordiformis tank as the bubbles were causing all sorts of problems.

I find it interesting that an escape artist such as this species can wander about in the air for a couple of hours with no adverse effects and yet bubbles from the air lift causes problems! I'd guess they have some method of sealing the mantle cavity when they choose to go exploring (I haven't really looked closely...usually too busy wrestling them back in the tank :biggrin2:) but the bubbles catch the unawares, as it were, and they don't seal off?????????

I bought some prefilter foam, and it didn't decrease the amount of bubbles. 1st I plugged the outtake with it, which made the skimmer very quiet, but I think it made it stop working like it was supposed to, so I played with different arrangements and none of them seemed to work. Any other help is appreciated :smile:

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