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major problem

well hes come out more and now hes just glued to the back wall with the end of his tenties hanging down below kinda curly like a corkscrew yet his breathing is almost back to normal... now the gpo at the columbia zoo was doing this last time i saw it then i found out from the curator that it was about to die... is this true or am i just hoping for the aquarium to be half full?
heres what the gpo in the columbia zoos tenties were doing and it's dying... now heres kash's...


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Unfortunately, that curlyque look is not good. Almost every octopus I have ever seen with this does not make it. I hope I'm wrong this time...Keeping fingers still crossed....
well hate to say it but i dont think kash is going to make it another 12 hours... hes white droopy and hanging on the back wall... but on a lighter note im already making plans for my next octo...

first im going to get the water reef ready in the current octo tank and then move my reef tank into it (hopefully it will fit) and then octo proof my reef tank before the next one gets here which will be a bria.

on that note does anyone have any suggestions for octoproofing a hang on box skimmer for my return? i really dont want to have to drain my reef tank just to drill holes so i would like to keep the overflow box as is and just screen it off some how. the new octo will be in a 125 g aquarium with a sump with 75 gallons of water in it. i figure ill have to have the return next to the overflow pointing away and a large power head at the other end pointing to. also the this will actually work out better since the reef tank is already set up water wise perfect for the carribean critter unlike the cold bimac tank. only thing ill need to buy is glass tops and a new heater for the 75 for when it becomes a reef tank!
i know this is mean but im kinda getting excited... after i found the brias in the tidepools in the bahamas ive become attached to the species very quickly and i am looking forward to keeping one!

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