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Looking for tips

Sep 10, 2006
Hello everyone.
First time posting here. Let me apologize in advance for the length of this post. After some serious research (6+months) and even more serious consideration,I've become a member of the "Cephalopod club".
I'm the proud new papa of a O.Vulgaris. He/she is roughly 6" outstreched. Everything I've read made me want a bimac but I saw this little guy at my LFS and fell in love.
I've been in SW for going on 3 years now (2 reef and a FOWLER) and sucessfully raised several of the "more demanding" species (anemones,mandrins,hippos,even kept a moorish idol for a year before selling him). I consider myself "up to speed on maintaining tank paramiters.
I guess what I'm looking for are any little tips that might make my little mans life more enjoyable. He currently resides in a 50 breeder (for now) with about 10bs LR (will be adding more)and 25lbs LS. My filtration is a Magnum 350 canister running carbon and fiber sleeve. I've read that I should have a skimmer in case of inking. To be honest,he inked twice the first day and my filter had the water cleared in less than 2 minutes so,I'm holding off for now.
Oh-I almost forgot I'm having a hard time coming up with a name so HELP!!!!!
First...let me be the first to say :welcome: !

Sounds like you have some good solid experience with maintaining salt tanks. The reasoning for the protein skimmer, besides an inking incident is octopuses are very messy waste wise. The protein skimmer pulls out the waste you can not see, that is too fine for the filter to remove and helps keep the quality of the water in tact. It is a necessity but not only just because of inking issues.

Any pics yet? Best of luck with your new octopus.

Thanks for the warm reception. I'm sure I'll be adding a skimmer,just holding off for now. I'll be posting pics soon,they'd be kinda boring right now-he's just hanging in his "lair". Which brings me to another question,has anyone had success with getting their ceph to use a certain cave? My little buddy has chosen the worst possible cave. I made several nice roomy caves for him but he chose one barely big enough for him.
Still looking for suggestions on care and MORE IMPORTANTLY a name.

Just thought I'd post an update. My little guy has officially been named "Vigo". I've also installed a Coralife SS125 skimmer on his tank. He truely is an incredible animal. I'll be posting pics as soon as I can. Would still like any tips that you veterans have me. Thanks in advance.

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