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lights lights and more lights


Blue Ring
Jul 31, 2003
G'Day ..... who wants to answer a lighting question...?
***me** *me** **me**(little voices from beyond... )***

Currently I have a 4ft light on my 4ft octo tank... Actinic blue light 'Blue moon reef' type. Now i personally dont think that its over lit at all although it lights the tank up the spectrum is fairly soft so i dont think Sparticus (octo) is being blinded by the light.. as it were.
However... (yes there is always some sort of butt..oops i mean but :jester: ) I have noticed that in the evening he is alot more active when the light in his tank is off and the light from the room is shining in to the tank only... this lights the tank still but natural..
he is day active.. but I jus begining to worry that may be he might need some sunny's (for non- Aussies 'Sunglasses' 8) )

Anyways... look forward to some discussusion.
Thanks Mate :lol:
hi there,

Over here 'Actinic 03' is the brand name of one of the Actinic blue lights, but not the brand I'm using.

No other colour spectrums, but I wouldnt think this is a problem since I'm not really growing any corals (just one little Corella - which seems to be doing unusually ok for such a low spectrum :confused: )
Will Spartacus need more spectrum?? I though they prefered low light ... OMG... now I'm in a panic!! :shock:

... pls explain
No need to panic, IMO - Spartacus would just probably prefer a low watt flourence bulb in that 4ft strip instead of the blue actinics. Especially if all that is currently present is an actinic light.

You are right in your statement that octopuses don't need a lot of light, dinural or even more so nocturnal species.

However, it sounds like he is on a good schedule and remember every octo has a diffenrent personality. Spartacus may just like to be 8) in the dark!

Sorry if I made you panic!
most i used was a 30watt grolux or freshwater lamp.. just one suitable for a freshwater planted tank will be fine... nicer looking than actinic too :smile:
yeah... this is a 36watt... maybe I'll try a grolux... i just though that would be too bright, but i suppose ifi just get a smaller tube iso the 4ft it would be ok yeah?
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