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LED lights for cephs


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Nov 20, 2002
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i know at least a few of you have used LED lights for cephs. How has this worked out? Since octopuses often prefer low light, are you able to up use LEDs effectively? LEDs can be used for corals and can enhance their color, but do cephs like them?

I've been using LED's for all my tanks for several years without noticing any difference as far as cephs go (I don't keep many corals and don't need intense lighting). One nice feature that I use on the nautilus tank is that many of the lower end fixtures come with built-in timers with an adjustable controller that allows setting the percentage of each color for specified times.

The nautilus tank stays at ambient lighting most of the time and then only receives 50% brightness during feeding. The sunrise/sunset feature on mine allow me to ramp up to max lighting and then slowly reduce the lighting to ambient.
Make sure you get a setup that is designed for saltwater, not all LED's are equal. In my case, the lower wattage designed for fish only or freshwater are OK for all but one tank (I still have LED but much higher wattage - currently using a shop light as a fixture :oops: ). If I ever decided to add corals that needed a lot of light I would have to triple up on the fixtures or replace them. The ones I have do support a few mushrooms and polyps.

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