Latin Names

Apr 3, 2003
What a lovely theme for your network! The French philosophers and Star Wars characters that my tech person works with cannot compete, no matter how much I like to hear "JarJar is dead."

Bimaculoides and briareus are the most common species in TONMO community home tanks right now. Dolfleini is bigger.

Are you stuck on octos or would squid and cuttlefish be acceptable? Sepia officianalis is a cuttle. Dosidicus, Architeuthis and Mesonychoteuthis are big squids. What genus is the nautilus?

You'll find more, possibly even with correct spelling, throughout the site. Try the Tree of Life site, too.

Apr 8, 2004
O. vulgaris!!!!! Goooooood little octo!

And not to be picky but they are now called Scientific names rather than latin names as most things are named after people now and have nothing to do with latin at all.

The plural as far as I can tell is Octopusses because it if from the greek meaning foot mouthed or something similar (They have their feet round their mouths) and the greeks didn't have plurals with ii at the end like it is in latin.

Please correct me if I am wrong on this tho!