Kraken: Death from Above!

Dec 17, 2004
Hello all - I'm Rhi. When I found this website, I nearly fell out of my seat. Because my cat attacked me.

I've been obsessed with squids ever since middle school speech class, where I had to give a speech on something interesting. While the rest of the class went and researched things like robot wars and possible cures for the common cold, I decided to focus on squids. I'm not even sure how the thought got into my brain. I remember aggrandizing every fact in the speech, painting a lovely mental picture of a scuba diver swimming towards a cave, oblivious to the fact that he's swimming into imminent danger, as the cave is really a giant squid's gaping mouth!

Now I know better. Scuba divers can't dive into caves! The fascination has continued up until now, junior year in college, and I think its possibly becoming my ultimate career of choice. Unfortunately, I have no idea how one gets into this kind of career.

Anyways, I'm really glad I found this community. Finally, people who won't give me a crazy look whenever I get excited about cephalopods. And even if you did, I wouldn't be able to see it.

:welcome: Glad you found us! I still get those crazy looks!!! Know what????I don't care!!!! Enjoy this community!!!

I am sure there will be plenty of feedback on different careers related to cephs!!!

Welcome to Tonmo...we all have had our share of odd looks...glad you found us!
Re: Kraken: Death from Above!

trademespots said:
Now I know better. Scuba divers can't dive into caves!

No they can... it just that squid are pelagic and dont live in caves since theyre afraid of giant octopi, like the one that washed up in St. Augustine in the early 1900's..... :roll:

:welcome: and what part of NC do you call home?
Oh, no, I was just joking :biggrin2: - I recently took a scuba diving class where we learned about the special procedures and tanks required to go cave diving. It sounds like fun, but I'm not allowed to do it yet, since I'm only Open Water certified.

I live in a tiny, tiny bubble town near Greensboro - I actually go to Elon U., if you've heard of it?

Squid are afraid of giant octopi? I wonder what would happen if they got into a brawl..
trademespots said:
I live in a tiny, tiny bubble town near Greensboro - I actually go to Elon U., if you've heard of it?

Name on the wall at West End and everything....

trademespots said:
Squid are afraid of giant octopi?

i was just playing around... i dont imagine they interact much...
Neat, did you go to school here, or something? The lighthouse has actually surpassed westend, for me. There's more shadows in the lighthouse, and places to just settle and hide, if I'm feeling anti-social.
First of all, you have an awesome name. Where did you get it (and don't say your parents gave it to you!)? I just discovered thsi site like a week ago. I did a report on Archituethis dux, the giant squid. So I got some stuff from this site...and it's pretty cool. I have to say this site is the greatest cephalopod site ever! So, no, you're not a freak. Everyone to his/her own.

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