Kooah - O.briareus

I am afraid that is putting the entire train before the engine. We have not had a single successful O.briareus to survive more than a couple of weeks after hatching. The ones I tried to transport at 2 weeks died enroute (possibly from the cold because of car failure) so we know shipping them is out for trying to spilt up the attempt (if I have hatchlings, I am more than willing to give some to anyone that can come get them). However, should I be successful with more than two after two months, the third has your name on it. I haven't a lot of hope but I do have a lot of enthusiasm.
We say putting the cart before the horse. :heee:
I know, I know...but couldn't help myself. Just keeping it positive for you, if everyone sends you poistive energy it just may help. This is going to be a fun project and in your capable hands who knows, just maybe...Oh how wonderful it would be to get a few to survive. Sending my :sun: thoughts your way!
Kooah was not overly happy with me trying to flash her eggs (:smile:resulting in no photos) and has moved a small piece of rock in front of the den opening (again). After two days of not seeing any eggs being blown around through the smaller opening, I lifted one of the rocks quickly and did see that there are still eggs in the den. The ones I saw were far to the back and I don't think they are the same ones that have been visible. Kooah does not seem to be tending them like before and is positioned differently in her hidey hole. The eggs looked (quick glimpse only) very opaque and did not react to the light. I am beginning to fear they are infertile and the ones that I originally saw are gone. :sad:
Last night she did some house cleaning, rearranged things again and removed the block she placed in front of the cave (she blocked and then unblocked the entrance the first time I shot a flash picture the same way and in about the same amount of time). During her rearrangement, one of the top rocks moved (the one I had lifted to see if there were any eggs left) and now some of the overhead light shines into the den, allowing better viewing. I have determined that the eggs that I found are, indeed, the same as the original and that they will "stretch" far enough into the viewing area to be seen (because I saw them again today). She was back to caring for them but moving them with her arms and not taking them into her gill area as originally observed. I could see no detectable spots but the fact that the same eggs are present gives me hope that they still may be viable. If they are still present in another week, I will have more confidence. I am going to make a guess based upon a very poor observation that there are only 10-15 eggs. This may be a good thing based upon my first experience with Trapper but my hopes are all based on a single experience with a different species.
Egg Brooding

:fingerscrossed:That makes three of us egging them on :tomato:

With the cleared opening and the rock shift, I was able to get half decent focus back into Kooah's den and took some video of her tending the eggs. There are at least twice as many eggs as I guestimated so I am upping the guess to 30. I still can't see signs of life with my eyes but the very last portion of the video (actually a spliced segment) shows a black dot on one egg near the bottom of the cluster. I see two black specs in the stills but I am not sure if either or both are wishful thinking.


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I was straining trying to find that dark spot then bam! there it was. Great video, I guess it's working so for the record, I'm keeping :fingerscrossed:
I want to see some octopus babies. We're long over due for a story with a happy ending :-/
Oh, brooding... It's so hard to be patient! The best thing about that little joubini is that she was so friendly I had no idea she was brooding. Still crossing my fingers and holding my breath for you!
Looking in the cave today, it appears that only the one egg has a dark spot and I am wondering if it is just algae. Time will tell I guess but the waiting to see if there is anything to wait for is challenging to my patience.

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