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Know your octopus...


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I have always said Spike is not the norm in that he has from day one hung out in the open to keep an eye on us. Last night my son fed him a crab and for the first time, he stayed up at the waterline to eat. At first I didn't think anything of it as he's just plain weriod and not the norm compared to others I have had. This morn, still up in the corner. On coming home tonight, the same. On inspection that big huge old Eheim I have had for probably 10 years was barely putting outflow. I did a 1/2 water change, took the Eheim apart and just rinsed all the gunk in tank water I had siphoned from the tank and am just now slowing down and starting to relax as Spike is back to his favorite perch in the front of the tank. Plus I am finally tackling the new protein skimmer I bought a month ago so this also got me to dismantle the one I can't stand as it always leaks. You can just tell he feels better, almost immediately. The whole point is how important it is to not only monitor levels but check your equipment often, as this could really have been a bad outcome had I not noticed he was acting strangely.
that's a great cautionary tale, particularly since it comes with a happy ending! Yay, Carol, and yay Spike!
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