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Killed by Fiddler Crabs


Sep 4, 2018
San Diego, CA
My baby Brown Pacific was torn up by small fiddler crabs last night. Just a reminder to start slow with introducing crabs to a baby. I think six was too many at once and they outnumbered it. It was missing half of its legs and was squeezed into a crevice of rock.
I agree that food (live or dead) should be limited to one meal in the tank at a time but it is always very hard to diagnose cause of death without direct observation. Crabs are typically scavengers and are more likely to prey on dead or dying than healthy animals. That being said, very young animals are quite vulnerable. The missing arms are not a symptom of attack though. It is not uncommon for small octos to never be found because they begin to disintegrate immediately and are scavenged rapidly.

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