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Just recived 10 eggs this morning any help/tips


Feb 3, 2006
Hey i just recieved 10 dwarf cuttle eggs 3 are transparent and I can see the baby cuttles swiming around. I have them in a net breeder with macro algea and sand on the bottom.
What sp. are they. I'm no cuttle expert, but I would suggestcombing through the cuttle care section. Water quality and stability will be at the top of you list.

Good luck!
Finnaly the first one hatched, there soo tiny and it changed color from light to dark red as soon as I moved some algae in the net breeder to get a better look. How do I know which of the eggs are empty, they all still look inflated.
I kept between 5 and 7 per net breeder with no cannibalism. I had easy access to pods so I fed them 3 or 4 times a day.

If the eggs look like a full balloon they should be viable. If they look like a oblong grape, the prolly aren't.
Hey are the pictures of the babies


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I would keep them as seperated as possible, for Ive seen babies from the same source act much differently then other eggs. Like Righty says, Ive kept even 10 in one breeder with no problems..

However, I just watched a batch of 10 babies from the same source as yours all eat each other and they were divided 2 per breeder...I also have read similar experiences from others that bought from the same source..

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