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Cuttlefish egg bubble?

Well I woke up this morning to a few surprises. 2 more eggs hatched so now I'm 6/7 and apparently the dud egg hatched as 1 is still inflated and clear with a baby inside. It looks like I'm going to end up with 100% hatch rate on this batch. Secondly the net that had 3 babies going into last night had 7 or 8 mysis when I checked before bed, this morning there was 1 so somebody started hunting. I also noticed more picking at the net this morning as well.

I wonder if the early phase they won't visibly eat is just newborns picking at pods and baby mysis we don't see. Hunting adults is delayed until that population is decimated forcing them to try bigger food items.
Well today again no mysis missing. Doing maintenance though I opted to combine the net breeders and put all 6 in one. Hopefully the higher density and more competition gets them more aggressively hunting. When they get bigger I plan to separate out prior to releasing them to the main display to avoid aggression.
Success! Arrived home today and it seemed kinda low on mysis so I tossed in 4 more. One of the small ones got spooked and inked as it darted away which got turkey bastered out but while I was in with the baster one of the larger ones changed from white to brown and started stalking. Sure enough about 15 seconds later he had dinner.
So these things seem to be disposals now for mysis. I think in the next week or 2 I may try to sell off some of the extras since they all appear to be healthy and hunting. Hopefully that cuts cost of feeding them.
They seem to be growing pretty quickly and have easily doubled in size since hatching. So far they seem to really only hunt at night and occasionally picking off a mysis that walks too close. During the lights on period they all seem to clump together and hide out in a tiny piece of ulva.

In an effort to cut down feeding costs I added another breeder net and have acclimated a few guppies over to saltwater. One of the females already had a few babies which seemed to have disappeared within an hour of adding them to the cuttlefish breeder. Mysis will still be the bulk of their diet until I can transition to grass shrimp or frozen but hopefully it can at least reduce cost.

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