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Cuttlefish egg bubble?

Yeah I noticed that trend. There are like 4 or 5 mysis of assorted sizes and I took the lights off the timer to check in the morning and then when I get home in the evening. The yolk sac seemed to detach the day after hatching so I'm guessing things will play out fairly quickly one way or another.
Well tonight was fun. I came home to a power outage from a storm so had to dig out the battery air pumps for the tank and the mysis tank. Power is back with no apparent side effects. I also noticed 2 or 3 mysis are missing so either it started hunting or they ate each other. I've also noticed it seems to be a little more active today instead of just hiding in the macro for cover. Still no additional eggs have hatched.
Ya new to cephalopods but been reefing for 7 years now, always gotta cya. More good news! Woke up this morning to find a second hatchling. So far 2 hatches, 2 premature deflate, 3 eggs are super inflated and largely clear.
Sorry it took me so long to check in... end of year teaching stuff keeping me busy... I concur with earlier comments. Often the babies are quiet and don't move much in the beginning. Premature loss of yolk is troubling. It might depend on how large the yolk sac was (and how premature the hatching was.). Good luck with the babies, it is a stressful time for the first few weeks and then they become little expensive eating machines...
Well the premature has gotten bigger through the week and is same size as the later hatchlings now. A few mysis disappeared earlier but nothing lately.
4rth hatched today and 2 more eggs are almost totally clear with visibly active babies. I noticed at least so far they seem very socially dependent. While I only had 2 with 1 in each breeder net they both pushed between the plastic frame and the mesh to hide instead of in the ulva. Now that 1 net has 3 babies none seem to hide and they have no issues being out and about with the lights on. The single baby seems to still hide though. I'll be interested to see if personality changes when the others hatch like net 1.
Is the average size mysis killable by hatchlings? I'm not noticing the number decrease really but they seem to be living and slowly growing. Watching the lone one in its own breeder net it had 0 response to new or the mysis in the breeder but I did notice it swimming around and striking the breeder net for about an hour. Are maybe the mysis too big and they are just hunting pods/baby mysis born in the breeder net?
baby mysis born in the breeder net
Interesting thought! We have often seen them grow without being able to determine what they are eating. There have been comments about not putting too many mysis in the breeder nets as it seems to confuse the hatchlings but the idea that they may be eating the new hatch is novel to the thought. Keeping the larger adults suspended in a net - fine enough to contain the adults but not the offspring - above the cuttle breeder for the first week or so is an interesting thought.
That's about all that is in there. The breeder net holding 3 cuttlefish has 7 mysis and the single cuttlefish has 4 I think after I tried adding new when I noticed the hunting behavior last night.

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