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Just ordered my first Bimac


Dec 19, 2005
I ordered it from marinedepotlive.com. I am just wondering if it will eat the frozen clams and shrimp that I have??? Thanks and how big is he gonna be approx?
biggest bimac I have seen had a two foot tentacle span and about a 6" mantle. It'll fit in a 50 or 55g so no worries. Depends on what you feed him.
lol, yeah I knew that. Sorry I didn't make mjy question clear enough. I meant how big shoulkd I expect him to be when I get him? Because I want to get him a critter cage so i can know he is eating and stuff before I put him in my 55g.
Ok, new question. I have 2 Seio poweheads (620gph each) and I am wondering if I am going to need to use some really fine mesh and cover it? I am afraid he might put a tentalce in there and get it chopped off! LMK
when you get him he will hopefully be small enough for a critter cage.

yeah mesh should do it, as long as its fine enough for brine shrimp it will be good.
Great! I just bought a crap load of this plastic meshy stuff. I am gonna use it to cover a 2.5g which I will place in my 55g temperarily. And I will use it to cover the overflow box, the powerheads, and all open spaces. He is coming tomorrow so pics wil come!!!!!

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