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Just got my first octopus!!!


Dec 19, 2005
He is currently acclimating, and is 4" from arm to arm. He is sweet! I have a 2.5g hex tank inside of my 55g so I can spot feed him easier, etc. I ordered him from marinedepotlive.com. I needf you guys to help me name him! Here are the pics!!





He was swimming around in the bag, and wasn't sressed at all! They even included a little crab for him to snack on during the trip here. I would highly recommend marinedepotlive.com!
He is already out and about as you can see, and I am really hoping that he will stay like this. I will try feeding him tomorrow. I am very excited!!! And yes I know there is a Clown Trigger in there. I think I may have just sold him, so the octo will be by itself! Thanks guys!
Well here are some updated pics, but I am wondering if you guys think this is too much stuff in there?






******** Now in the third pic, on top of his head, he has something that looks like a scrape or something like that. But he was in the back with a hermit crab, so I was thinking the hermit maybe picked at him before it was eaten, or is it just some other type of mechanical injury? I am mainly wondering if any of you think it may be something bad? Thanks
I'm certainly no expert, but it looks to me like you're giving him a lot of enrichment. THey might be like little kids, however, and benefit from having their toys swapped every so often. Helps keep kids from getting bored with their toys, and it might work that way with octos, too.
Do you have another tank you could put the trigger in until he's gone? I think that even the small octopus might be able to overcome the weight of those shells if he decided he wanted to.

Thanks for the concern, but I just sold my Clown Trigger and he is picking him up hopefully tomorrow or Friday. Then the octo can be FREE!!!
Thanks. I just fed him some FW feeder guppies, and he ate all 3! But I never got to see him catch them, I just noticed that they are gone! He seemed to really enjoy hunting them as far as I could tell. But no I haven't named him yet. I can't think of anything! I was sort of thinking about Henry. But who knows...
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