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Just a few feeding questions?


O. bimaculoides
Feb 26, 2008
As of right now my S.bandensis are eating 3-4 live mysids a day. So my first question is...I(s this enough? How much should they be eating? And finally I am culturing live mysids and was setting up the live culture to be passively feeding the tank. Im pretty confident in my filtration and over all water quality so that doesnt concern me but, is it possible that they will eat too much with a constant food source? Other than degradation in water quality... are there any drawbacks of them having a live mysids passively feeding the tank?
FYI, sounds basically like a refugium if you mean you're plumbing it into your tank where it flows in and out. Shouldn't effect water quality, unless you add macro aglae and a light on top. In which case it could help water quality.
No its actually seperate from my fuge... it is basically just a tank with a sandbed, no macro, good ammount of circulation in the tank but, low turnover rate. Then there is a gonna hole drilled at the top that gravity feeds down into the display. Then water is fed up through carbon into the bottom of the tank. So its not really a refugium...Im still modifying the design so im open to ideas :smile: I also plan to have a ball valve on it so i can close the loop and isolate it as its own seperate sytem.. this way i can i can let the shrimp repopulate if need be.

Right now the cuttles are about 2.5"-3"
well i was thinking this to be so they could have constant food supply and not worry to much missing a day of regular feeding here and there.... Yes they are the ones i got from you :smile: they are doing great! So what kind of shrimp would you reccomend moving up to?
Oh so here is another question....My mysid culture is still growing so i dont want to start bringing the numbers down (by feeding them to the cuttles) So other than bait shrimp would ghost shrimp be ok for short term? The cuttles seem to take a strong liking to them and i have been feeding the ghost shrimp rotifers, decapsulated artemia, and cyclopeeze. So i figure this was "gut loading" the ghost shrimp with food that is more suited for the cuttles needs...Will this be ok for them for little snacks during the day while the mysids are populating?