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Pygmy Octopus
Jul 28, 2004
hey, is there anyone who can give me some information on octopus joubini? Life span? Aquarium size? Feeding? General care. I found a producer (caribbeancreatures) that is selling them for $24, but I fear that the octopus will be too old, and has only half of its life left! please help!!!!!!
Those pygmy octos don't live very long - six months is what I've mostly read. Yes, most likely you would get an adult and it wouldn't have many months left.

Rummler was a dwarf. She lasted 6 weeks? I think...will have to look back. Anyway, she was apparently wildcaught, laid eggs that hatched but unfortunately they are very hard to maintain. If you do a search on Rummler you will see pics of her babies and her.


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