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Jason's Blue Ring

Nov 22, 2002
I'm fortunate to keep several Octopus, in seperate aquariums. I had a spare aquarium since my hatchling O.bimaculoides moved to a larger tank. I thought a Blue Ring would be nice, and a bit of a challange.
Some may have strong views on if these should be kept or not.
I feel it is up do the induvidual, but these are not for the casual Octopus keeper. I gained much experience before deciding to try this species.

They may not look it, but these are DANGEROUS animals. Anyone considering keeping one should be well aware of the what might happen should someone be bitten. :grad:
Pretty little octo! I have kept several, and enjoyed watching and learning from them! Yes, it is true that they are dangerous...I also keep vipers and other toxic critters, and respect is the key!
Good luck with the ceph...they are fascinating!
Yes it is pretty smart. My Blue Ring which is most likely H. lunulata is in a 70 litre aquarium. This is a bit small for a marine aquarium, but fine for a Blue Ring as they don't grow very big. It is decorated with 10kg of live rock and filtered with a small mechanical filter and a large protein skimmer.
It seems to have been named Bob. It has a mantle the size of a small grape and the arms are shorter than most Octopus, I would say they are 5-6 cm.

J Scott
There has been some discussion if Blue Ring's ink or even have an in sac.
The answer to these questions is yes. I caught mine of guard, it jetted across the aquarium leaving a tiny puff of ink. This was so small it dissipated within a few seconds. It was a very light tan, almost Yellow in colour.

J Scott
8) Beautiful picture - thanks! I saw one years ago at the New England aquarium and was so impressed by its beauty. What is its activity pattern like? Does it use a shelter?
The few Blue Ring's I have seen in public aquariums have normally been pretty inactive.
I have only had the Blue Ring a couple of weeks, so behaviour may not yet be normal. Since I have kept it spends most of the day stuck on the front glass despite there being plenty of live rock. About 20:00 it becomes more active, but does not hunt for food. It already appears to know that I will feed it (with a set of tongs!) most evenings. Around 22:00 it often explores some of the rock, but does not make speculative attacks like many Octopus do.
Unlike all the other Octopus I have kept, the tips of it's arms seem to be constantly moving. I would normally be concerned, but this appears to be normal in my Blue Ring.

are blue rings legal in united states as captives? if so where can i get one? can you have 2 together?
also anyone know where to get pirahnas?
Hi, welcome to TONMO.com

yes so far they are legal but please use the search engine on this site to find out details on Blue Rings... It is quite a debate and there are a lot of opinions, make sure that you are familiar with all aspects BEFORE taking the plunge for a BRO

Piranha are easily available for sale but they are not the exciting blood bath that people expect. in many ways a goldfish is more rewarding!

also anyone know where to get pirahnas?"

Saw some today in UK, available anywhere here.
Probably more difficult in US as Fish & Wildlife don't fancy them setting up home in local waterways? (Even in gloomy UK we apparently had a stretch of canal with tropicals due to hot water from industry!)
Piranha's are readily available in the UK. They have what I call 'Hollywood appeal', but are actually quite boring to keep, afterall they are only giant Neons! Certainly not as interesting as Octopus.

PS unfortunately my BRO died recently.
If you mean red bellied or black piranhas, I might agree with you about them being somewhat boring...but Rhombic piranhas, and white piranhas are actually fascinating animals...even Wimple's piranhas are very interesting...I guess it just depends on where your likings take you...
Unfortunately, only Red Bellied Piranha are readily available in the UK. These are what I was referring to. Wimple Piranha are a different matter,(lovely fish). I have only kept these on rare occasions.
I'm sure if I studied Piranha as closely as I study my Octo's then I would find them fascinating.


Where do you get them? My friend drove me to my LFS to get some sand and snails for my reef, and decided he wanted to start an aquarium, but decided saltwater was too much work and money (wussy). So he wants to do Piranhas. He asked the guy behind the counter (I could tell the guy knew nothing) where he could get some, and the guy said they were illegal to SELL in the US, but you can keep them. So he is on this hunt to find some. Anyone know where to find ANY kind of piranha? Also, I was wondering... I know that baby Octos are canabolistic, but is it possible to raise two togeather. Does anyone know where I can get cuttlefish as well? Sorry for so many questions, Thanks to whoever answers!!
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