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jail break (cuttle)

Aug 15, 2005
is this normal, all my cuttle seems to want to do is find a way out of his net breeder, i had to lower the water level in my tank, b/c he was tring to get over the top of the net, and now all he does is go along the edges of the net.
Could be, one of my fourth year students was looking at the little sepiolid, Sepioloidea pacifica, and had a number of escapes ......which we weren't expecting...........they're so little and immobile most of the time.........but we found them in the outfows etc etc

Its kind of like being in one of those glass restrooms...everyone is staring at you all the time !!! But in some hiding materials, and maybe he'll calm down???
They also seem not to like to have too much food around, though it may not be an issue for babies. Its like they get used to the food being around...

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