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It's Coming!!!!!

Yay! Got a couple of pics of him. I took about 10, but my zoom is way out of wack- the camera must have been focussing on the glass. These are the two that turned out okay.
When I feed my octo, he picks up a few clams, then begins to swim back to his den to feed. The problem is that he drops a few on the way and leaves them. Should I just leave the clams there and have them live in the substrate? Will my ocotpus look for these clams under the substrate? Oh, by the by- my octopus LOVES hermit crabs, and one he pounced on, flashing colors, and he put his tentacle in to check for his food. He recoiled his tentacle slowly, and then left the hermit crab to sit there. He repeated this twice. Is this normal? Sorry about so many questions- it's my job to be informed in EVERY situation. Thanks for all the help. Thanks for the comment, Jean :biggrin2:
Not unusual for octo behaviour...they are somewhat finicky...and yes, he can certainly go dig for the clams as he wants to...by the way, loved the second pic, very cool!
Hey, thanks! Boy, am I happy! Though he isn't showing himself as much today, he ate a hermit crab! Here's the cool thing...he popped out of his rockk and grabbed the high-tech feeding tongs (chop sticks :roll: ) and began pulling. This made me drop the hermit crab that I was offering...but no matter. He soon picked up the hermit crab and began prodding and poking at it. He keeps rolling the crab around inside his "webbing." By the by...this is the one-week anniversary of Kamal's arrival! :biggrin2: Celebrate good times, COME ON!!! :rainbow: :jester: :lol: :biggrin2:
Well, Kamal thought of a different game...it's called let's ink the tank :x . Fortunately he didn't ink very much ( if you measured it out of the water, I don't think it couldn't even fill half a teaspoon, maybe slightly more). I fitted my filter with lots of new activated carbon, and my protein skimmer is running. When I checked out my filter pad, there where whisks of what appeared to be the ink, so I think its all out :goofysca: . I don't have any water on hand now, so a water change hasn't happened. However, I can do a water change after school tomorrow. Should I do this just in case? FYI The daylight went out...the moon light was on...I approached the tank normally to observe. I havn't done this at night before...so maybe he was scared of me :frown: . I guess it's just hope and pray for now. Please help me. I don't want to lose my octo one week after I've recieved him...especially seeing as he was doing so well. After inking, he did grab a couple of clams and tried to grab one of the hermits in the tank, but changed his mind. Should I keep the moon light? Or does that have nothing to do with it? Thanks for being so helpful on this forum. It makes me so happy to see that other people can care so much for other people and their animals. Thanx.
I was looking at past posts as well, and when my octo inked earlier, I was wearing a light blue tee. Usually I am wearing something darker like dark green or dark brown (my sweatshirts).
You should be OK. The younger bimacs seem to ink with a thick ink, not one that causes general cloudiness. And you have a protein skimmer, which is the best ink remover.

But in the future, keep some salt water made up so you can do a water change if you have to - at least a 10% change. You want the salt water to age a bit - don't use it right away after you've mixed it - give it 5 or 6 hours, or even a half day.

Why did he ink? You started him in some way. If your moonlight is red, your octopus will not be able to see that light. All octo owners need to get in the habit of approaching the tank in the same way each time and not make sudden movements. I once made the mistake of thinking my bimac,who was glued to the glass, was awake. She was asleep, and when I turned on the light, there was a big inking and running for cover.l

Thanks. His light is a blue LED. I appraoched the aquarium as I always have. He must have been a little startled from me coming into my room. WHOOPS :shock:
I have to kinda chuckle here...I have this vision of octo keepers everywhere creeping around their houses in soft slippers so as not to startle the cephs!!! :lol: We do tend to care a lot for these guys, don't we?
Glad to hear the little one is doing well...sounds like you have a nice tank!!
Well, I have good news. I took a Nitrite/Nitrate test today...both are down to zero. All other water qualitites seem to be perfect. Ink is definately gone! Skimmer took out everything. I added the red-slime algae remover. It said that the medication may affect pH and oxygen levels in the aquarium (I didn't worry too much about this, though I will keep a keen eye on them). Could someone give me a list of the colors and their "moods." I know that light is supposed to be fear...what about black sploches mixed with tan with yellow eyes? (he looked like this when I got home) He picked a new den in which to reside...right by the food tray :lol: hmmmmm does it maybe have something to do with the FOOD??? He's eating normally...and breathing normally...so I don't think anything was affected by the ink...thank heaven!

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