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It's Coming!!!!!

Mr. Krabs

Blue Ring
Nov 12, 2004
I ordered a Bimac from Octopets a couple of days ago, and here it comes! She'll (he'll) be here tomorrow at about 10:30 am!!! How's about the name Tako (Japanese for Octopus Sushi! :lol: ) Well, can't wait for it! Guess it'll be difficult to study Accounting I tomorrow :roll: I'll keep you informed!!!! :heee: Oh! I can barely contain the excitement!!!!
It came today!!!! OH JOY! I could hardly pay attention in school today! Anywho, so far, so well. I've aclimated the temp, and am now aclimating the water. It's moving around the bag, going here and there. Oh WOW! I can hardly contain the excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heee: As soon as I release it into the tank, and everything is alright, I'll try to send some digital pics of it. Okay, maybe Tako is too cruel of a name. How's about Kamal from the James Bond movie Octopussy? My parents wouldn't be pleased calling her(him) Octopussy, so why not Kamal? :bonk: Oh, better go check on it......SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :smile: 8) :biggrin2: :heee: :P
Make sure you take your time acclimating! I know it can be tempting to just rush and put him in! Also, be careful not to use the flash so you don't freak him!

Anxiously awaiting update!

Yeah, don't worry about that! I know that you must keep the lights LOW to let the octopus get use to its surroundings. And don't worry about acclimating! I'm just plum excited!!!! It's realy cool to watch!
okay...so how long before I should do the first feeding? Tomorrow, maybe? I have small clams. Would this be rushing it? Oh, and it's a very dark color sitting at the back of the aquarium, but isn't being covered by anything like any of the rock or pvc pipes that I put in there. Is this normal? It's still moving, breathing. Not really "swimming" around or anything. Just kinda sitting there. I know I'm excited, but these are ligit questions, aren't they?
Very Legit questions!!! Congrats!!! He's checking you out! Dark color is he's a little wary, but watching! Do you have some food in the tank? Like hermits? My new ones ate pretty quick! Aren't they the most fascinating creature you have ever had the pleasure to witness??? I would just let him be! He'll come around. May even hide some but other captive bred bimacs, are as curious about you as you are about them!

Wouldn't hurt to offer some of the clams. Some people put them on a shell so they don't burrow!

Please keep us posted!!! Enjoy!!!

Yup....it's already out and about!!!! I put 3 small clams in a small soy dish. There are about 5 small hermit crabs in there, and several snails (do they eat these?) Here's a pic of the little darling!!!
Thanks! Well, the excitement is begining to come to an end, Kamal is now hiding behind a rock, and his light is about to turn off. Sigh. Well, I have a moonlight coming tomorrow...that'll be fun for the both of us. :P
By the way the name Tako doesn't just mean octopus sushi, It means the general term 'Octopus'. Its just that its seen more often on a bit of rice more then in it's natural surrounding.

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