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It's Coming!!!!!

He's soooo cute!!! Any update today? Keep an eye out for the "Eye"!!! They peak, and alot of times we don't realize they are watching!!!

Well, today it's kinda hiding. When I got home from school today, it was crawling around, but then I left the house, and as I was gone, it hid itself...quite well, actually! I also got my moonlight in today. It's only 1 watt, and it makes the water shimmer at night!! It's cool for at night. It hasn't eaten any of the clams that I set out for it, but it probobly picked off a hermit crab or something last night or earlier today. When do they feed in the wild? Early evening, or something? Oh! One more thing...it showed its two eye :bugout: rings today...it had them "hidden" yesterday. Also, my protein skimmer keeps putting bubbles in my aquarium, how do I fix that? (I already quirked with the air intake, and let it run without air for about an hour to clean it out, but it still does it) Thanks for all of the information and support, you guys!!! :notworth:
Hi! Glad he's doing so well! Does your protein skimmer have an airvalve on it at the end of the airline tubing? This is how you can control the air.

He probably did pick off a hermit! :smile: Mine ate whenever. No real schedule. Just knew they were hungry, when they'd stalk me, especially if all the food was gone from the tank. G2 eats usually once a day, whenever he catches my attention!!!

Yeah, my protein skimmer is a Seaclone 100...but I already tried air adjustment. Do you think I should try running it without air for the night? It's never done this for so long before...usually I can correct it with air adjustment, but now I can't. I read in the manual that some meds for slime coating can make it do this...but I didn't use any meds. Do you think that the octo has something to do with it? And I added an Emperor 400 to the tank today...maybe that has something to do with it!
I noticed that mine refused to go onto the sand.
It's probably the same litter, I got mine about 1 week ago.

Try putting the clams on a rock so kamal can get to them without
going onto the sand.

as far as the seaclone goes, that's prety much what they do from
my experience.
That's weird about the sand thing!! Aren't they MUD flat octopuses? Still no sign of him. When did your octopus start exploring? It's been over eight hours since I've seen him anywhere. Maybe installing the filter startled him. Poor thing! Thanks for the sand information, though.
I can check - perhaps they were raised with no substrate, so they've never seen sand. Yes, they are the mud flat octopuses, so the wild ones certainly get their arms into something. My bimac, when she was older, liked to sink her arms about 1/2 inch under the sand and wiggle them - I understand that's how they could flush out a crab or other food.

It would be good to keep the clams in a shallow plastic bottlecap or other container.

Don't be surprised at disappearances at first - they can disappear for days, especially at first.

Thanks! Few! What a relief! I knew about them hidding, and all, but it makes me slightly nervous because my first octopus that I bought died...I didn't know much about octopuses back then--mainly on what my local pet store manager told me. He was WAY off on quite a few details. Again, thank you so much for being so supportive and putting up this site. You've done a GREAT job, and I know that this is the most helpful site on the net!!! AWESOME!!
He'll come around! As the food disapears that you stocked the tank with, you will start to notice he comes out when he's hungry and will be hunting! That's funny about the sand! Makes sense though!

Any more pics?

Sorry about pics, Carol. He's just not out right now. He hasn't been since yesterday early afternoon. Well, once he starts coming around, I'll snap a few shots for ya. For simplicity's sake, I decided to call Kamal a he from now on.
HOOOORRRAAAAYYYY!!!!! He FINALLY showed himself! I placed my magnetic algae scrubber in the tank and began to slowly scrub off some of the algae, and he came out. He was a darker color at first, then slowly turned a little bit lighter. He then climbed about on the rock and disappeared again. Can't wait untill it gets to know me better! I am so amazed by these creatures of the sea. AND my protein skimmer seems to be working well again!!! What a GREAT day! :biggrin2:

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