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interesting programs on in december...


Jul 8, 2005
I work at KQED in the SF bay Area and there are a few shows coming up which may interests Ceph lovers. Your losal PBS station will probably have it also in the same month, but maybe not on the same day.

Sunday 12.18 KQED 9
8:00 Nature Encountering Sea Monsters. Cephalopods inhabit a world where cannibalism is a daily practice, mating can involve amputation, trickery is rife and size means everything - and nothing. CC ST

Wednesday 12.28 KQED 9
8:00 Window to the Sea features stories from four of America's leading aquariums—Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Monterey Bay Aquarium, the New England Aquarium and theWaikiki Aquarium—profiling the dedicated and fascinating people who work behind the scenes.

if i see anything else of interest on related subjects i will let you folks know.

Na'fel said:

...ate my ice cream!!!!

The PBS affiliate here in Rhode Island stinks to high heaven. We don't get any first-run shows (not even the Scorcese Dylan documentary!!), I doubt we'll get these. I'm going to talk to Dish Network and see if they can give us some local channels from Connecticut or maybe even Boston.

We don't have good NPR, either. I have to listen to it real static-y from CT.

Na'fel said:
DHyslop sorry to hear that. get someone to record it for you :P as for NPR you cna listen steaming on the web...... KQED | News, Radio, Podcasts, TV | Public Media for Northern California here is a link to my station. click on the listen live... we carry many of the national NPR shows... plus some local stuff.

kpcc.org streams a lot of NPR shows as well... they're the Los Angeles news-oriented NPR station. But if you're like me, you want to listen to NPR in the car, so streaming on the web doesn't help much...

(I grew up on KQED, by the way, so, thanks, particularly if you were around in the 70s. although I always had the idea it was run by a bunch of hippies. Are you a hippie?)
Thanks for the tip! I did find these scheduled in December in Dallas.
Looks like some interesting things coming up in January, too. But if you hadn't mentioned the titles, I never would have noticed that these interesting shows were on.

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