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Interested in owning a cuttlefish...

Oct 5, 2005
Hello. I've posted here before, but I was low on cash back then. I have a job now and a decent paycheck, and I'm considering getting a cuttlefish.

What happened to octopets.com? Are there other sources?

How big of a tank will I need? How much will the supplies set me back for a single cuttlefish? I'm sure there's a starter thread around here somewhere, but I also wanted to ask about the site.

Please let me know. Thanks.
octopets went out of buisness =(.......i dont know much about cuttles, but they do need a very large aquireum.

Yeah octopets is gone. S. bandensis seem to be what most people here have now and they can be kept in a 30 gallon tank. If you go to articles and then ceph care there is more about cuttles.

My biggest expense is feeding the cuttles... right now it's running me about $40 every 7-10 days... in the beginning it was more... I am going to try weaning my cuttles to frozen krill, but I am not too confident that I will succeed.

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