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interested in briareus

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

Some of have kept o. briareus. Look under Journals and Photos for postings on Jetta, for instance. There are also photos of baby briareus.

Sometimes they are available through a local fish store, but as far as I know, they are not being bred for sale. Since you live in Florida, you might not find it too difficult to locate a briareus fo rsale.

I think you would need at least a 50 gallon tank.

You can find a lot of information on keeping an octopus in our Ceph Care articles (click on Ceph Care above) - have a look at the Equipment List and the Checklist for a start.

O. briareus is a very beautiful octopus and would be a nice one to keep.

interested in briareus

thank you nancy

i have been doing alot of research and most of the stuff says you could use a 15 gallon tank. why is that?

There is a lot of unreliable information on the web.

I have seen an adult briareus kept in a home aquarium, and there is no way it would fit into a 15 gallon aquarium. You need plenty of room for it to swim, extend its arms, and also to take care of the amount of waste it will produce. The arms of this octopus can be two feet long, so it needs some room!

Also, I had a briareus hatchling grow up in my 19 gallon aquarium, and it was time to move her to a larger aquarium after 4 or 5 months (unfortunately, she died before the move). If you start with a smaller aquarium, you need to have a larger aquarium cycled and ready for the move - it takes too long to start one up as an afterthought.

So, at least a 50 gallon aquarium for a briareus, the bigger the better.


i am interested in raising an o. birareus but i dont know how big t gets
I have been serching every where and all of the things i have found dosent tell me how big it gets

I have bought many octopuses but all of them except for one have been the Pigmy octopus.

the most resent one i had was approximately 8'' or 10''

i live in florida so i know that helps but i want to rais one from an egg.

So can u help me

An O. briareus can get fairly large. It has a mantle up to five inches and long legs - as much as 24 inches.

Last year several of us attempted to raise this species from eggs. I had one live until 4 1/2 months - it's not easy to raise octopus hatchlings.

One of our Tonmo members who lives here in the Dallas area ordered a briareus from one of the local LFSs. The briareus, Jetta, eventually laid eggs. Three of us tried to raise the hatchlings.


i want to get an octopus briareus and raise it from an egg what is the best advice you have for me :neutral:

Also if you have an idea on where i can get 1 egg
Do you think I could get one at the Florida Keys :smile: thanks

I would think you'd have a lot of trouble getting one egg, and it's not the best way to go if you could. The mortality rate is very high for octo hatchlings. You'd need to start with a few more eggs to have the chance of one living to maturity. Maybe you could find someone whose briareus has laid eggs and get some of the hatchlings.

If you have a well prepared tank loaded with amphipods and other very small creatures, your hatchlings would have a chance.


okay thanks that helps me alot but um.... :hmm: amphapods there like tiny crustations right.

So do you think i could find a pet shop down in the keys or see if i could cacht a female since she will reporduce eventually :confused: .

If i did that then she will lay about 500 eggs(i need at least 10 or under right) is there a place where they would take them because i plan to get a 50 gallon tank.

Where can I get these amphapods ?.

I doubt it you need to go all the way down to the Keys. There are people keeping O. briareus in Florida (we hear from someone from time to time).

Is there a Marine Aquarium Society in cities near you - you might post on their websites. I think you best bet is to find someone with a briareus that has eggs. Check with Tampa Bay Saltwater (you'll find them online) and some of your local fish stores.

You need a mature tank with live rock - then you'll have amphipods. You can also buy them from various sources online.


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