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Ink Pool!


Jun 1, 2005
I just received my cuttle fish from Octopets this morning. I opened the box and had a dark ink pool. PANIC!!
I immediatly began running the water in the box out, with freash water into the bag from my tank. I did this for about 15 min untill the water was somewhat clear. I was finally able to see the cuttle and moved the bag into the tank, where he began to ink AGAIN! I moved him from the bag to the tank all in about 20 min....not good, the cuttle is just hanging onto a power head in my tank and not looking good. I have all the lights off and the room dark, trying to unstress him as much as possible. Any suggestions?
So sorry about your losing the little guy. I'm sure Octopets will replace him, but still it's hard thing for you to go through, too.

Most cephs don't ink during shipping. Maybe this one had a difficult trip.

My guess it is the same as yours, tough trip here, He was gone when I got him out, he was never holding onto the powerhead, his feeding arm was stuck to it.
Octopet said they would resend....Big bummer for the little guy....RIP!
He was about 2 inches, maybe a bit more.
I do plan to disect this little guy, can anyone point me in the direction of his gills/lungs?
So sorry about the little one. If you plan to dissect him/her, turn the cuttle upside down (white/pale part facing up). Then using dissection scissors (or cuticle scissors if you don't have any dissection scissors) open the siphon and cut through the mantle all the way to the tail of the cuttle. You should be able to open up the mantle and see inside of the cuttle. The gills will look like two feathers on either side of the middle of the animal.

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner... I don't know if you did the dissection but you will probably not find a cause of death. Yes, the gills will probably have black specks or blotches on them, but that may or may not have been the cause of death. Your little one could have been stressed and inked, or already have been dying and then inked. Hope this helps.

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