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in tank over flow.

Sep 3, 2005
well ya know how the water get over via those little slits how do you keep ur octo from goin also. and you use plastic screening im just worried on how to keep them in the tank .

btw is a 50 gallon long okay im still tank shopping its 48x18x13

its from glasscages
I wove mesh in among the holes and coved the top with a sheet of acrylic. Seemed to work OK. There are many variations on this that others have used.

What Nancy has described works about the best, just make sure to keep that screen clean, or you will have a flooded room !

Yep, just brush softly !!! If you hit it every few days, you are usually ok...keep an eye on your silica levels, though, so you don't end up with that darn hair algae !

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