Im ordering TODAY

Apr 20, 2005
To day is the day to day is the day Im ordering my pygmy octopus today yay :biggrin2: Is there any thing I should now before I buy Iv read many threads Im probably going to order a pack of 100 clamms with it this should last about a month then I get some crabs and shrimp is this good ya its today
Hi Clownfish,

It's risky to rely on just one type of food. He may think they're fine, but octos definately have their preferences. You should have some snails and hermit crabs in the tank, too. The clams are usually sold for baby bimacs, who grew up eating them.

Did you ask whether your pygmy octo has eaten the clams before?

Hope all goes well and your little octo arrives soon.

Gather that your parameters are all good??? O's across the board, and such...just out of curiosity, weren't you just cycling a tank, or was that another one?
Be sure to send in pics of the little guy when he shows up!

well now I dont now ware Im going to get him The place I thought I wads going to get5 him terned out that the shiping will cost more than the octopus that makes me so mad :mad: :mad:
this is incredably pointless any store that sells octopus has a high shiping price makeing a simple octopus caust 65 dollars and not having a garrenty ifyou get it alive or not,finly it only lives for about 6 moths if Im lucky who cares I just want an octopus I ges Ill have to wait a wile before I get an octopus :cry: :mad:
What makes you say we "don't care" ? No offense, but it really appears that you are rushing into this rather quickly, without thinking of what it is going to do to the octopus...why not wait a while, get your tank established, and get a captive bred bimac that is going to give you a lot more fun in the long run than a short lived pygmy octo?

It costs a lot to ship anything overnight, particularly a package big enough to hold a bag of water and an octo.

Most of us have spent over a thousand dollars on our octo setups. Even then, my little guy died within a week.

There's nothing inexpensive about keeping cephalopods. There also isn't any instant gratification. How many posts do we see from people who've taken the financial plunge and they haven't seen their octopus since they put it in the tank two months prior?

sorry about that :oops: I just worked realy hard and hade the money but then It seemed like The price just uped its self so I couldend get It but now Iv carmed down andam seeing that I mightwant to wait a little save some money so I can make the octopus realy happy sorry about that I should think before posting I was just disopointed thats all :oops: :oops: :oops:
Im going to post some pics of my tank and dream tank so check out my other posts if you want sorry I now you all care octopus rule :smile: watch deep fried it carmes you down works wonders
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