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Mar 25, 2005
Just signed up. Wanted to say hi to everyone. I Just bought a used 55 gallon tank with filters and i was wondering is there a certain type of sand that i should get for the tank? And it said to fill the water up i needed distilled water. Does that mean i got to go to walmart and by 55 gallons of this water or is there an easier way to do it. I check around on the net and they tend to skip over this kind of stuff. I also have no clue on how to set up the filters and all that, so if you guys know a good website that helps out with the installations of it all i'd appreciate it. Im new when it comes to a tank and after reading some other posts i think im going to get some fish for a while and make sure i can do everything right before Mr. Octo is sent my way. Thanks for your help...jared
First off, you can get a Brita Filter and use that, or you can go to Wal-Mart and get 55 gallons (a little expensive though) Did you order your octo yet, if you didn't, you have to wait 2 months befor you can but the octo in the tank. if you didn't, i would hold off for a while..... i know thats annoying...... :vampyro:
ceph_dude said:
I head that a good filter is the Eclipse top/filter. that's what i'm gonna got for mine :cool2: .

EEEEK !!! Danger Will Robinson !!!
I wouldn't recommend an Eclipse...if you have a 55, all you need is a good cartridge filter (eheim, magnum, fluval, etc.) and a protein skimmer to get things going...CD is correct on the timeline though, it is going to take you a few months to get the tank ready for cephs. Do you know if the tank has ever had copper in it? Even after years, it can kill a ceph in days...
As far as the water goes, check with a local water service...our local lfs sells r/o marine water, as do several of the tank maintenance companies...might be your best bet!
Welcome to Tonmo!
Well i bought the tank used from some guy who said he never got it going. I spent 375 for the tank, stand, bunch of filters *i think*. I tried to put it all together the other day but i had no clue what went with what. I may just pack it all back up and take it to the local petco and see if its good. So i have no idea what filters i have or if it has had bronze in it before. I know its going to take awhile to get it ready thats why i want to get a couple fish first to make sure im on the ball.

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