I'm back, with a cuttlefish

Feb 25, 2003
Hey, been a long time.
heres the story
I set-up a tank over 1 year ago, and attemped to get one thru my LFS.
Since I live in a cold area, they were getting hard to find.
I waited for my tank to cylce.
When I finaly was ready, I chose to go with trigger, eel, and lionfish.
Last month, the Trigger decided to pick on the eel,
and the eel finished the fight, then decided not to stop
untill it was the last fish alive.

I was satisfied with just an eel in the tank,
but walked into my LFS on Sunday
and saw a cuttlefish.


so, after talking to the manager, traded the eel in and
now I have my cuttle.

so anyone with success aon getting them to eat frozen foods?

I would start with live, but work to frozen, chopped and headless shrimp. The trick is, put it in the water next to a powerhead so the movement will get the cuttle's attention.
With seahorses we've found the following system to be good for keeping dead food suspended within the water column. Just grab yourself one of those garden sprinkling sets, invert the uprights (that you'd normally screw into a buried hose throughout the garden) and attach it to the return line from a WEAK powerhead (you could use all manner of valves to reduce the turbulence/flow).

Have the water fed down the upright and sprayed out through the nozzle at the end (I've only shown current in two directions; the nozzles have tiny holes 360°). The current resuspends anything on/near the tank floor. Seahorses and baby squid don't eat from the tank floor (I don't know about cuttles).

Attached a rather poor, hastily drawn schematic (the yellow blobs are supposed to be mysid shrimp).


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