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Ideas for filter on new 90gal tank


Nov 25, 2004
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to thank everyone for the wealth of information I've gotten from this forum over the past weeks. I have an Atlantic Long Arm (named Jamie after a friend of mine who sleeps all day and wakes up to eat after dark). I currently have a 20gal tank, but he (or she) is growing rapidly so I recently purchased a 90 gallon. However, my current filtration system (Via-Aqua w/protein skimmer and UV sterilaizer) won't handle the 90. Any suggestions ? I would like to use a canister filter and keep as much equipment as possible below the tank, but I'm really open to suggestions.


Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

As you probably know, the Atlantic Longarm Octopus is Octopus "defilippi". It will be very happy in your 90 gallon tank!

Do you mean that you want to use a sump when you say you want to keep the equipment under the tank?

Hello again,

Well, I don't have enough room for a sump but I was thinking about installing overflow boxes in the tank and then piping out, over the side and down to a canister filter, protein skimmer, in-line heater and UV sterilizer. I currently have live sand and live rock (which is very healthy and full of copapods) which I plan to add to when I move to the new tank. Do I have to use a sump ? Eventually I plan to use a sump system. However, right now, available space restricts me from doing so. Would the type of system I described above work or am I going to get into trouble ?



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