I think that Im ready

Apr 20, 2005
Ever since a few months ago Ive been taking care of my empty 30 gallon tank. The tank has been florishing for a wile now. the entire tank filled with snails, ornamental shrimp,crabs, and hermits. My cycling 90 gallon tank is almost done. Ive alerted a fish dealer that Im intrested in an octopus. I think Im actualy ready to adopt an octopus. I just wanted to get an opinion from you guys because again this is not offical yet. The dealer that I buy from sells different speceise of octopus but usualy they are a smaller bread. My last octopus seemed veary happy in his 30 gallon tank and if The octopus shows sighns of being cramped I have my 90 gallon. The entire tank is octo-proof and has all the nessisary requirments to hold an octopus.:wink:
Best o luck to ya mon!! Let us know what you decided -- and if you do become a proud papa to a bouncing baby octo, remember we want pictures, pictures, pictures!!! :biggrin2:
Brock Fluharty said:
Fairwell ornamental shrimp, crabs, and snails!

well thats what my 90 gallon tank is for. Ill keep my ornomentle in my 90 i dont think waisting 120 bucks forth of shrimp is worth feeding an octopus for a few weeks lol. Im having trouble diciding ware to find i am extreamly exited its been a wile since my last octopus
Mizu said:
Put the crap in the 30 and the Octo in the 90 gal
my recomendation.
30 gal too small

the problem with that is my 90 gallon isnt 4 months mature yet. eventualy I will put him in the 90 gallon or another tank. Any subjestions for a Speciese though.
thats not good...
I realy wish I could set something up to help but Im not nearly experienced enough to work with that or have the money and time...
Is there enyone who has taken the responsibility pick up ware octopets left off?

Some of us are trying to fill the role on a small scale by tank-raising from eggs rather than a self-sustaining brood stock. Unfortunately getting bimacs--let alone eggs--is proving very difficult!

If you're setting up for an octopus, expect to obtain another species. It may be a couple years before bimacs are available again.

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