[Octopus]: Tako - Abdopus

Dec 7, 2008
Upstate NY, USA
So, I've returned to ceph keeping after a 2 year hiatus (it's a gut punch every time I lose one to old age). My local shop was able to order me an "Assorted Octopus" last week. I still have to move some items around, but for the moment, this octopus is in my 40 gallon (with 20 gallon sump), in a large critter keeper, with a pile of rubble for substrate.
I started an ID thread last night, and thanks to @DWhatley pointing me in the right direction, I'm pretty sure Tako here is an Abdopus aculeatus. (s)he took food from a stick almost immediately (seems to prefer thawed krill) and last night it ate a live emerald crab. I've also offered a decent sized peppermint shrimp but so far, the shrimp is being ignored. I'm working on escape-proofing the larger tank this week, going to try using some astroturf around the edges, and ive already got sponges in place for the input/ouput areas. I'll try and post some pictures a little later.
I posted this video in the ID thread, but I'll add it here for ease of finding it later:
Another thing I've noticed is that Tako is actually missing a couple of legs! One of them is very small and obviously regenerated. Then there's two stumps, so this octopus is really more of a 5.5-opus. Doesn't seem to slow her down too much.

From what I'm reading of Abdopus, they're known for leaving the water to hunt. I'm guessing that's bad news in terms of escapey-ness. Anyone have experience using astroturf with these guys?
Tako has been released into the larger aquarium. She has dug a small hole underneath a rock and seems to be using that for a den. I know this because that's where she tends to leave the discarded exoskeletons of her food. Occasionally she likes to take those shells and use them as a door for the den. Very metal. She much prefers live food over frozen though, so I've been buying up what I can from all the local shops. Petsmart makes me fill out pet adoption forms for every single crab I purchase. Last few nights she had to settle for some de-pinchered crayfish, but she didnt seem to mind too much, she snaps them in half and sucks out the meat.
I have heard that PetSmart employees have refused to sell their hermit crabs if they know they are being used as food. I don't know if this is the purpose of the "adoption" form or if there are new laws about all live animal sales. I know there are laws here for ferrets and some reptiles. I think it is an attempt to ensure they are not released to the wild as invasive species (ferrets must be neutered to be sold, but they still have to be registered)
It seems to be a policy choice specifically by PetSmart, but to what end I am not sure, @DWhatley . I have the same issues when I try to buy live mice from them for feeding our kingsnake. But they're more than happy to sell me a 4 pack of exorbitantly-priced frozen mice. I no longer communicate anything to Petsmart employees beyond grunting at what I want.
Tako is a very outgoing octopus. Most mornings she greets me on the front glass, and likes to come to the surface and "beg" for food. She relishes small crabs, but will also take table shrimp, krill and an occasional silverside. When angered or threatened she typically goes black with white spots.
Another interesting development is that her damaged arms have regrown a lot. Where she used to have stumps she now has fully functional mini-arms.

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