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I Need Tank


Blue Ring
May 21, 2007
Does anyone know of a place that sells really cheap tanks. I am planing on a 30-40 gal witch isn't that much but my wallet is :sink::goodbye: One of my tanks is holding fiddler crabs. Another one is being turned into a sump and two others are for reptiles ( with one living in it :wink: ). Can anyone help me or is it impossible to find one cheap.

Try craigslist, or in some areas there is a group called freecycle which you could google to check. I have a 40 gallon that i'm looking to get rid of that I could give to you for free, but I doubt you'd want to pay shipping accross the country for something that big, but then again, I dont know how much the shipping will be.
You can also try eBay or your local reef clubs for a used tank. California and FL seem to have the highest quantity of used tanks available.
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