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i need help i want to keep an octo


Apr 29, 2004
hey all i really am fasinated about octopus and id really wanna keep 1 .... i have 2 tanks already which my parents r kinda mad about 1 reef and 1 just saltwater fish... not to take up to much room i wanted to place it next to my computer like get a nano cube and put him in that...im not going to add anything else only sand and rock and just keep him is it possible id really really wanna keep this guy so i thought i would ask people here and maybe someone can help me out i wanna get a tiny 1 and just go from there... um id really appreciate any kinda help i do quick water changes and take care of my tanks no matter what even if i need to leave work to do something for them..lol...yes yes i know im a fish freak but im even more of a octopus freak..its either the nano or incase my fish die im thinking to put an octopus in that tank but i dunno i hope my fish never die their all in great health so ya sorry for makign this long but you have no idea how bad i want this guy to work in a nano cube...k thanks guys hope to hear from you soon also can u suggest any particular octopus...thanks

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com

I think you have it a little backwards. You should be looking at the needs of the octopus and choose a tank size from there, rather than starting with a nano cube.

Generally we recommend a 50 gallon tank for an octopus, and a fish tank which has had any treatments containing copper should not be used. You might get a dwarf ocotpus, but they have very short lifespans and don't make as good pets.

Please take a little time and read our Ceph Care articles, which you can find by clicking on Ceph Care above. Have a look at Colin's Equipment List and my Checklist for starters. This will give you a better idea how to plan for your octopus.

thanks a lot nancy if i get soemthing i was thinking of a dwarf anyways...how abotu the blue ring?? how r those and i looked up the needs of it and so on i asked some shops around my area and they said i can keep 1 in a nano cube id really appreciate any help also can u try putting what kinda temp. i need to keep the water and things like that pls for which specie i been trying to read on them but they r all different...thanks
so you are commiting your self to buying super thick gloves or ,one day, completely paralizing yourslef forever? :biggrin2:

By the way, can anyone tell me the perfect octo to buy for beginners and works well in my science teachers classroom (just as a pet, not for experiments) with a lot of people (though i know octos are shy and cleaning out ink from a tank must be H###, what size tank and where can i buy one in san francisco bay area and what food it needs and where can i get it?
I bimac would be a good bet nick, nice signature by the way.

For dwarf octo's we would recommend a 20g tank, however, most places which sell "dwarfs" could be having a baby giant for all you know.
Thank u. i heard that thing someplace and made it my signature.
so, whre can i get all the stuff in san fran, what size tank, what does it eat and where can i get that?
mannnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks,
Supernick 8)
Try looking through some LFSs, you'll find what you need there.

Bimacs need a 55 gallon tank (at least) and eats crabs, snails, and frozen foods too which you can collect on the beach or buy at your LFS.



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