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I guess I should actually say 'ello

Apr 29, 2007
Well, I supose I should give ya a run down of myself since I have been buggin the board of late.
I have always had animals of some sort, from Rats, to horses, ferrets and cats.
I currently have 2 finches, a cat that chose me at a humane society...she told me I had to take her home. :smile:, and a 150 marine/reef tank.
I am experimenting with overstocking it with fish to see the reactions of corals. Will the extra natural nutrients help, or do I need to get more filtration on it! lol.
And for those that just went "WTH buddy?!?", don't worry, my natural filtration is spectacular and I do 5 gal water changes every 2 days. I have found that it helps keep the natural levels conststant without haveing to do insane amounts of doesing.
I also have a 30 gal sunpolyp tank. I LOOOVE me some Tubastraea.
Even with all the feedings ( I spoil my corals) I love to see them grow bigger and bigger.
In fact, I had a spawning event happen in my 150 before I put them into the 30! They just keep showing up. lol. I love it.
That brings me to the 44 gal corner hex for octo.
I am tieing the 150 and the 44 together via a refugium/turf scrubber.
That part is in the works right now.
I am also setting up a brooding system for the babies my octo is about to have.
But more of that to come.

I am a make-up and special effects artist of some 13 years.
Love Hollywood, hate the drama.
I now live back in the Chicago area where I grew up.
I plan on opening a haunted house in the next 2 years. (with any luck)
But with my knowledge of molding, casting, sculpting etc, I am going to be aquaculturing live rock.
I will ALSO be setting up a SMALL coral propegation green house within the next year.
I am excited about that.
Oh, and if you are in need of buttons, let me know. I have a button biz too! lol. www.spookybuttons.com
I know I know... I have too much on my plate.. but thats how it always is. :wink:
I currently work at an industrial supply company and get lots of equip at cost. So it makes everything easier.


Ok, I guess thats about it.
Welcome to my topsy turvy worls everybody!!!


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Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: I like your button niche market, too.

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