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i got octopus today!!!!


Feb 2, 2008
i found an octopus at a lfs and i think it's an aculeatus! it's a baby i think!
the mantle is about an inch. it's brown but theres not much more i can tell you. i'm still aclimating it. any ideas what species it is? i'll post pics soon!
I thought you ordered one from swf.com?

There's nothing anyone can tell you from that description as just about every common octopus can appear brown. You need to post pictures.
he has a blue spot but it goes back to brown and then changes again. its like a little ring of blue but its not a blue ring octo and its only 1 spot. he also has like little horns on top of his eyes. it's hard to get pics atm because he's hiding in the live rock.
the one i ordered from swf.com was a lot larger than expected, but i found a great home for him! A friend of my parents took him and he is in a 90 gallon tank so he will definetly be happy. both octo's are doing great!!!! he stays in the live rock and ate my emerald crab,2 snails, and a hermit crab within 2 hours of being put in the tank!!! is that unusual? he just started eating rite away!

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