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I got my octo!


Jul 11, 2003
I finally got my tank raised bimac from Fishsupply.com today, and i can easily say that this is the coolest creature i have ever seen! I really hope i do this right and it doesnt die. i am acclimating him as i type. i am adding half a cup of my tank water every 5 min. However, my LFS is closed today. Would it be alright if i didnt feed him today? Also, how long should i keep acclimating him like this? Until the bag is full?

thanks in advanced

i love my new octo :tentacle:
Good luck with your octo! I read in another thread that not feeding the first day is normal, but perhaps you should use the search function to read that thread for yourself. Nancy, or someone else, wrote about going not to the LFS but to the fishmarket for octo food.

I look forward to hearing more about your unnamed octo!

Im afraid i lost him. I saw him sneaking around the back of the tank and once our eyes met he got scared and crwaled back deeper. I will attempt to feed him tomarow. Im hoping to find i small fidler or hermit crab tomarow at my LFS. I have the kept the lights off ever since acclimating him is it ok if i turn them on now?
im so happy now :biggrin2: my new octo ate. I put a piece of frozen (thawed shrimp on a straw and put it near my octos den and he grabed it :smile: . After that, we played tug of war. I had no idea he would be THAT strong. I always knew they were strong but i never experienced it first hand. I love my little octo :octopus: ( i hope i dont kill it)
Hi Rockthis,

What a fine little octopus! Good pic, too.

You might try a few ghost shrimp. They are freshwater,so won't live too long in saltwater, but they aren't too difficult for a small octopus to catch.
Maybe he could eat small hermit crabs, too. And little pieces of fresh scallop.

You may have to visit both the LFS and the fishmarket!

Keep us posted,


glad to see that everything is okay so far...

I would like to point out something that often happens before it pops up, now, it might not, but just in case and that is that once an octo settles into a new tank it maybe has a day or two of exploring, then it seems to dissapear... dont think the worst!!!!

the thing is that its just a baby and it has to hide as in the wild it is just a bite sized snack for a predator so if you dont see it for a day or two dont start pulling out rocks to see if its okay... it will be!!!

nice pic too... what size is the octo?
congrats RT!
The octo looks very cool! Keep us posted on how it is doing, i´ll get mine sometime after december and maybe can learn some stuff from you :biggrin2:
Rockthis, do you mean you live in Orange County, or is there a city called Orange that's not on my map? I'm thinking that you may live near the coast and can collect good food for your octo. Also, the ocean off southern California is home to bimacs.

(By the way, it would be nice if all of you would indicate where you live in your profile. It sometimes helps us in answering questions, or we may be able to refer you to someone in your area.)


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