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well i got him, i dont think he did too well during shipping, we was floating at the top of the bag, but i acclimated him anyway and he is in a net breeder now, i will let u know if he pulls through, here is a pic


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Damn! I picked you a smaller on because I thought it would ship better. I'll send you another on Monday at my expense.

You said the water in the bag was 85 when you got him? Is it hot near you, or do you think the box and heat pack insulated too well?
yea its real hott, like 100+ i think the low last night was in the high 80's, the water temp when i opened the bag was 84, so i think a cold pack may be needed but im not sure. but i am also not sure of the temp of the the plane which fedex ships it through but the heat pack was still warm when i opened the box
por little thing. I had no idea that righty shipped octopus to hobbyists i am setting up a 200 gallon aqarium so maby cuttles are in the question. by the way when is the cuttlefish care section going to be finished on your web page?
I am experimenting with shipping. I hate doing it for reasons that appear in this thread :biggrin2:.
I wrote a lengthy article that will be published soon for an online magazine - and then also hosted on TONMO. Once it goes up, it will go on my site too, along with updates and additions.
I don't have many babies left, but hope to have eggs in 4-6 months.
Very well. I shipped many dozens of baby cuttles to octopets.com. No problem.

Maybe it was the heat. It was cold here, so I added a heat pack. I will add a 6 hour one when I ship Monday night - that should keep it going through the cold here.

Did I mention I hate shipping? I am now going to be out money and time on this one.
yea, i used to deal with anglers alot, and they were horrible shippers. the major proublem with shiping i think is the temp change, and the basic trauma of the package being jostled, but then again i have had some miricles as well. A hawian leaf fish was lost in the mail, and i didnt recieve it until 2 1/2 days after it was shiped, and it was fine.
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