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I Got A Chiller


Jul 11, 2003
My tank temperature was getting way to high. So, I simply succumbed to buying one. Now my temperature is in the low seventies :smile: . But now i have a couple questions.

Whats the best temperature for my tank water to stay at?

Also, would it be ok if i added the other actinic light to my tank? or will it still be to much light?

Thanks in advanced

p.s- These are the only questions i can think of right now but believe me i will i have others ( as i always do) :biggrin2: .
You could try just to see what it looks like and you will just have to use your judgement as to whether it looks too bright or not...

Perhaps the LFS has lights of the same wattage but with a much lower K?

Most of the freshwater bulbs tend to be 6500K rather than the 10,000K you have
Good Idea Mr.C...they should have a dimmer bulb in the actinic series...good luck Rock!

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