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I found the type of octopus on saltwaterfish.com's

Apr 20, 2005

hears a link super duper link
I think that is the octopus in the picture on saltwaterfish.com
Well it looks like a bimaculatus but it says it was collected in the caribbean and O. bimaculatus is not found in the Caribbean. ABut they also have it listed as a fish so who knows...

I'm not sure, but how many times have you seen an LFS guy say " its a brown octopus, vulgaris, oh your new to the hobby! great there super easy! $100 each super rare!!!" I'm not saying saltwaterfish.com does that because I have gotten fish from there several times and had no problem. Second best fish dealer I now. great shipping. But octopus do get mixed up often especially because of the fact that they change color and texture!:octopus2: :bluering:

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