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I found an Octopus


Oct 26, 2003
Hi I found a little red octopus (I looked it up in a reef book and I think its a fiji octopus{octopus vitiensis})that was blown into a up on to a rock from strong currents. Its about 20cm in diameter when it stretches out all its tentacles. It looks very healthy and reacts to people wallking by the quarintine tank where it is now. It went very white when i netted it but its colour has returned now. Does anyone have any information on this octopus. I will most probably just return it to the sea tomorrow but was just wondering if they can be kept?
:welcome: to Tonmo.com Polarocto!

White means it was scared or stressed, all I know bout them is they have a mantle length of about 6cm. The length of each arm is 20cm, giving it a diameter of 40cm.So I guess it is half grown :? . I'm also assuming for now that it is nocturnal :confused: , so keep the lights off. You might want to see if it wants to feed by giving it a live hermit crab or other stuff.
Hi Polarocto, and welcome to TONMO.com!

I suppose any octopus can be kept, as you as you provide a tank that's large enough, the proper environment and food. If this is really O. vitiensis, it's not a really large octopus and is smaller than the bimacs many of us are keeping.

I notice that Cephalopods: A World Guide says that O. vitiensis (BIghead Octopus in that book) can be recoginized by its very large eyes - actually, from the photo, it seems to be quite an attractive little guy.

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