Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
Now that we hace new pictures of Alice, I can't stop sharing them. Maybe it's mother's love, but I think that she is beautiful. As close as we can figure, her span is 36 inches now. She came up the other night and let me pet her. I stroked her between her eyes for about 2 minutes straight. She is such a ham, too. I think that she poses for us. The camera comes out and so does she. So, sorry if you are getting sick of her, but I can't help sharing. :P Considering we took 38 pictures in the course of 10 minutes...
We aren't sure of her species. We think that she may be a Briareus. Yes she was sold as a pygmy, but now, talking to the LFS, he says that he sold us a "bigmy" and that we must have misunderstood. :biggrin2: . All we know is that she is great, and the added expense of the 90 gallon was totally worth it.
I'm so glad others think that she is beautiful.

I purchased a 65 gallon tank that is now sitting in my basement (empty). After doing tons of reading...it would be so great to have a sea monster in my home like this. Is the tank you have big enough for this amazing creature?

Does it eat a lot more?

You are an inspiration. You should be a proud momma!

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