I actually dont think they do...

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Dec 1, 2005
I really don't think that cephs impact society at all. They might effect the environment, but society doesn't care about them as a whole. Most people don't even know what they are, or care. Things that society cares about include money, and prices on things that cost money. The environment is not a big priority in a time of war, or maybe you missed it, we're in one. Iraq is a little more important then pretty much everything that you guys are concerned about. Once New Orleans is rebuilt, Iraq is secure, and we have a new type of fuel efficiant form of travel, then people might think about what you want, but don't count on it.
so, are you just trolling ? This isn't a political site...we tend to focus on animals, not wars or disasters. I do believe another site might be better for your diatribe.

Very true, this isn't a political site. However, this section asked me how I thought Cephs impacted society, so, you can see, my answer is completly legitimate and correct.
And yet there are over 3,000 people registered on this site! Plus at the aquarium I work at there are two animals people ask to see the minute they walk in the door No 1 the Octopus, No 2 the seahorses. People may not think about them all the time, but they are certainly interested. We have already got many people phoning up to ask about our colossal squid display............and that's for a model and not due to be unveiled until January 20th. I think you are doing people an injustuce!

Not open for further replies.
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