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Hummelincki Laid Eggs!!!


O. vulgaris
Feb 14, 2006
Well my Hummelincki that I've had since June 13th has been really inactive for the last week. The last 3 days she has not come out from her den. I tried to give her a shrimp today and she took it in and then proceeded out of her den, threw the shrimp out and went right back in. To my surprise I noticed she had eggs hanging from the top of her den. I should be able to get some pretty good pictures and then I'll get them posted.

Is it possibple/practicle to raise Hummelincki babies. I had a dwarf Octo have babies and they were like miniture versions of the adult. I have a cool picture of one of the drawf babies I'll post later.

Also, if I remove the eggs does she stand a better chance of starting to eat and living or is it just better to leave the eggs and let nature run it's course??

Thanks for any help.
What's done is done. You can remove the eggs but you can't fool her body chemistry in my opinion. Your dwarf laid large eggs, hummelincki lay small eggs, they hatch out as larvae and it takes approximately 54 days for them to become fully formed octopuses. I just dealt with the same issue but with an Abdopus, same basic scenario. They lasted 4 days, and only two of them at that.

Once they hatch you're going to want to have live zooplankton, live rotifers, and perhaps mysid shrimp. Put the babies in shallow containers with a lot of surface area.

Or mail the eggs to me :smile:
I was so excited the day I discovered 1000s of tiny blobs floating around. Unfortunately all my efforts to raise them were in vain. I tried cyclopeeze, DT phytoplankton, and oyster eggs. I had air bubble in and even changed some of the water one. Within day 6 all were gone. As far as mom goes she won't live much longer no matter what you do, but congrats on the eggs. Keep us updated