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How often to feed?


Blue Ring
Nov 13, 2006
I finally got my octopus to take frozen cocktail shrimp. He took some from a feeding stick two days in a row but on the third day he rejected it. He grabbed onto it, held on for a second and then took off.

I am wondering if it was because he wasn't hungry yet?

How often should I feed him fronzen shrimp?

His mantle is just over an inch long and his legs are close to 5-6"

You should feed him as much as he'll take. Maybe he wasn't hungry, or maybe he'd prefer a live crab. Also, octopuses like to play with feeding sticks.

It's good that he's accepting frozen shrimp. Not all octopuses do. Try to have some variety in what you offer, including some live food. Many octo keepers use fiddler crabs, which can be ordered online.

You can also experiment with other fresh or frozen seafood, such as scallops.

Thanks for the reply. I have been feeding him ghost shrimp on a daily basis as well. 2-3 / day and I give him 1 crab a week as well. I was very pleased to see him accept the frozen shrimp. I am hoping he will get used to them and take them on a regular basis. I just wasn't sure how much to expect him to eat and how regularly.
Ghost shrimp are freshwater so don't have all the nutrients your octopus needs.

The frozen shrimp would be better for him, as are the crabs. It's good that you're providing some variety in his diet, too.

Slightly off topic, but why do you think freshwater shrimp species are bad for the occy? Freshwater fish are generally poor foods for marine creatures (I keep reef aquariums), however freshwater shrimp are considered acceptable - apparently they have the relevant fatty acids?

Im currently feeding my Occy (yet to be ID'ed) on solider crabs caught in the local mangroves. Live food is pretty much it for him so I am investigating other sources.

He is also nocturnal and very timid (will retreat from light) so said food needs to remain alive long enough.
Finno;87986 said:
Interesting. Thanks for that.

That looks like a Kiwi flag, what do you feed your Cephs?

That it is, I'm across the ditch in the South Island. We feed Cancer crabs (Metacarcinus novaezelandiae) and Paddle crabs (Ovalipes catharus) to our common octopus Pinnoctopus cordiformis) and a mix of shore crabs (Purple rock crab Hemigrapsus sexdentatus, Smooth shore crab Cyclograpsus lavauxi and Half crab Petrolithses elongatus) to our midgets (Octopus warringa/huttoni). When we have sepiolids (Sepioloidea pacifica) we also will feed mixed amphipods and mysids.


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