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how often should i feed my 2.4 month old bimac


Aug 21, 2004
i have been feeding him all the darn time since i got him ,but i went two days without feeding him and he was out chasing my damsels , putting on an awesome display for our company that nigtht hat was in the house.

does it hurt to only feed him every two days.

i feed him good sized crayfish when i feed him and shrimp from the ocean.

i think the reaons hes been in hiding alot is casue i feed him stuffed all the time and he has no need to come out and hunt
I feed G2 probably every 2 days or so depending on the size of the meal, if he's acting like he's gonna jump out of the tank, cause he's starving, but usually it's about every other day. They do come out more when they are hungry!!!
still the idea isnt to starve them cos its cool...lol just kidding every two days is fine (by damsels you obviously mean they are there for it to eat...right?)

Some octos eat more than others and some will do more searching than others
I'm with Carol on this one. I would normally feed octos every other day too. I'm sure it encourages more natural hunting behaviour and will stop them getting fat and lazy! LOL
if you think about how they live in the wild (chasing, competition, predators) they really have to work a bit for their food so i guess you guys are right
I took a slightly different approach because I wanted lots of interaction with my bimac. I divided her food into two or three small portions and give it too her at different times. She had to chase the feeding stick for a piece of shrimp. For a fiddler crab, I held it outside the tank until she saw it and got excited, then I threw it in for her to chase. Same with small crawfish. I got good results with this method and it helped me develop other ways to play with her. Your bimac comes out for more than just food - how about a good time playing with you?!

Of the three wild-caught bimacs that lived around 10 months, one was mine and fed like described above, one was kept at a lower temperature and fed every other day, and one was allowed to free feed.

Also, what Jean discovered and reported to us is significant - cephs continue to grow until they die - they don't reach an adult stage and stay the same size for months.

I feed mine every day and it is so cool how it comes out like clock work and sits on the front glass the same time I come home from work every day waiting for food I guess
yeah my brittle serpent and sand sifter stars all come out when i feed my corals!!! its very cool to see them all appera out of holes and sand in a few seconds racing for the food!!!
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